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Our mission is to provide mentor-ship, educate, networking, investment opportunities, unite  and support one another as Ghanaian professionals and investors in North America to succeed. In addition, we aim to coordinate with other professionals to successfully and positively impact the communities here in north American, Ghana , and Africa.



The main objective of the organization is to provide a positive platform to aid, educate, and mentor one another as Ghanaian professionals and students in North America. Also, to provide network opportunities which will lead to successful mentorship, thriving members' businesses, academic works/ schools, investment/financial education, and issues regarding health, immigration, job search and placement, relationship and marriage, counseling, and to support youth below the age of 21 to make strategic decisions toward a successful future. In addition, the organization aims to coordinate and liaison between other chapters in North America, and to provide forums where we can socialize with other potential investors to bring about successful projects to help develop and give back to communities where we live, our beloved Ghana, and Africa.


  1. Promoting mentorship, education, unity and understanding, and general welfare among its members,  other professionals, youth, and the public.

  2. Promoting professionalism among its members, investors, and the public.

  3. Organizing and promoting programs and investment opportunities that will positively impact members, communities in Ghana, Africa, the United States, and North America as a whole.

  4. Fundraising from members, other organizations, investors, and from the public to aid the goals and objectives of the organization.

  5. May affiliate with and/or be a member of other organizations/associations by the approval of the Executive Board/Board of directors

  6. Promote quality standard of living among members and the communities in form of aids, and housing







  • - Have strong, knowledgeable,  & smart professional family behind you.
    - Access to Investment opportunities
    - Access to quarterly investment / motivational seminars
    - Business/ job referrals
    - Promoting and supporting members' businesses and events
    - Free or Discounted legal services and events
    - Access to mentors
    - Connection to community,  city,  state and governmental  officials.
    - Leadership opportunities
    - Volunteering opportunities in giving back to the community