Our mission is to provide mentor-ship, educate, networking, investment opportunities, unite and support one another as Ghanaian professionals and investors in North America to succeed. In addition, we aim to coordinate with other professionals to successfully and positively impact the communities here in North American, Ghana, and Africa.

Who we are

We are a solutions-oriented nonprofit organization that provides a platform to develop and promote professionalism in the diaspora. Under the core values of Unity, Support, and Success, we seek to provide mentorship, education, networking, and investment opportunities for Ghanaian professionals and investors to succeed in their career fields, and build wealth. In addition, GPNA aim to coordinate and liaison between other chapters in North America, and other professional organizations to provide forums where we can socialize with other potential investors to bring about successful projects to help develop and give back to our immediate environment to honor the towns and cities across North America, Ghana, and Africa that have embraced us.


Our Mentor

Dr. Prince Hodogbey

MD, Sinai Medical Group

Mrs. Beatrice Tayui

CEO, Cybele Energy

Dr. Ebenezer Tayui

MD, Franciscan Alliance Hosp

Rev. Dr. Leeford Boohene

Christ Center of Hope

Pastor Joyce Boohene

Christ Center of Hope

Mrs. Owusu

President, Prestige of African Women

Olivier Kamanzi

President & Co-Founder, AGCC


Prince Alormele

GPNA Board Member

Felicia Aprrey

GPNA Board Member

Davidson Zigah

GPNA President

Anthony Amposah

GPNA Vice President & Treasurer

Sera Aboagye

GPNA Financial Secretary

Musah Trawill


Abla Commissaire

GPNA Executive Secretary & Ass. Treasurer